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Office building amenities play a crucial role in attracting and retaining businesses. Companies seek out buildings that offer more than just functional office space. They want to provide their employees with a comfortable, productive work environment that includes amenities such as fitness centers, cafes, and conference rooms. As a result, office buildings are becoming increasingly competitive in offering top-notch amenities to attract tenants.

An aerial view of many modern office buildings reveals much more than just the architecture; they also showcase the wide range of amenities offered to businesses. These offerings are no longer limited to just a reception area or break room. Instead, businesses desire features such as advanced security systems, on-site restaurants, and recreation areas for their employees. The demand for these amenities is so high that companies like Amazon have planned future east coast headquarters specifically designed with employee wellness in mind.

In this article, we'll take a quick summary look at some of the top office building amenities that businesses are now requesting when choosing new locations. We'll explore how these features can benefit both tenants and landlords alike as well as what the latest trends are in the office real estate market. Whether you're a business owner looking to lease space or an investor searching for insights into what makes an attractive property, this article will provide valuable information about what's hot in today's competitive landscape.

Exploring the Perks of Having Office Amenities

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Office amenities are no longer just an extra perk, but rather a minimum requirement for any modern workspace. Standard desks and chairs won't make the cut anymore. Cool office amenities upgrading can include standing desks and ergonomic seating to provide employees with a comfortable work environment that promotes productivity and health. General office building amenities encompass more than just workspaces; they aim to enhance the tenant experience by offering features such as fitness centers, rooftop terraces, and even pet-friendly policies.

What are examples of amenities?

When it comes to office building amenities, there are a wide range of options available. Some popular examples include fitness centers, childcare facilities, video intercoms, bike racks, yoga rooms, and snack bars. These amenities can help make the workday more enjoyable and productive for employees, while also attracting top talent to companies that offer them.

Why You Need to Know About Green Space

Green space is an essential feature in modern office building amenities. Many large companies, such as Amazon Headquarters, prioritize incorporating nature into their design strategy. The USGBC defines green space as any open area that includes trees, shrubs, grass, and other vegetation. This definition includes urban parks, trails, vertical gardens, schoolyards, playgrounds, public seating areas and plazas and even vacant lots.

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Studies have shown that the environment affects productivity and creativity. For instance, a moderate walk of 30 minutes or less can increase executive function and reduce stress. Helix's Hill Climb at the PenPlace project in Arlington is a great example of how outdoor pedestrian paths on 25-plus acres of public open green space offer visual interest while boosting productivity for Amazon employees and the entire community alike.

Another important aspect of green space is public access points that prioritize walking and biking over cars to provide improved connections to the surrounding region. Helix's Forest Plaza Design has shaded areas with an acoustical screen to buffer vehicular traffic while hosting farmers' markets and evening movie screenings. Their design philosophy prioritizes small local businesses that encourage movement throughout the entire community while fostering serendipitous connections among neighbors.

The impact of COVID-19 on the modern office environment

The impact of COVID-19 on the modern office environment has been significant. When social distancing began, offices closed, and remote work became the norm. Today, hybrid workers find themselves in a different situation altogether. With differing work styles between hybrid and traditional full-time office staff, it's important for employers to design office building amenities that reflect workflows.

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For at-home distractions heads-down time is essential, so creating spaces within the office building amenities that encourage focused work are a must. Additionally, allowing for flexibility in the workweek isn't mandatory but can be helpful for hybrid workers who need to balance both in-office and remote work. Essentially, office amenities should cater to both traditional full-time employees as well as hybrid workers.

As more companies continue to adopt hybrid models of working, the design of office building amenities will become increasingly important. It's crucial for employers to understand the needs of their employees and create spaces that promote productivity and collaboration while also accommodating different working styles. Ultimately, by offering well-designed office amenities, companies can attract and retain top talent while improving overall employee satisfaction and productivity.

What Are the Most Desirable Office Amenities for Tenants?

In August 2019, Harvard Business Review published research that showed office amenities play a significant role in employee satisfaction and retention. The top priorities for employees are office amenities like air quality, natural lighting, and personalized workspaces. These elements contribute to better health and well-being, which in turn leads to increased productivity.

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Trendy amenities like yoga rooms and wellness programs also rank highly among employees. These office perks make it easier for workers to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at the office, saving them time and money on outside gym memberships or wellness classes. Employers who invest in these work amenities signal to their employees that they are valued and cared for.

The top 4 office amenities that tenants look for include air quality, green spaces, touchless access, and personalized workspaces. Businesses should consider spending money on these features as they contribute significantly to employee satisfaction and retention rates. By offering desirable office perks like these, companies can attract talented workers who will stick around for the long haul.

1. Air quality

Air quality is an important factor to consider when it comes to office building amenities. Modern smart detectors such as Google Nest Protect can monitor air quality and alert building staff if necessary. Top air quality solutions include smart thermostats for temperature control, good airflow, carbon monoxide detectors, upgraded air filtration to remove allergens, and clean air. These effective office amenities not only promote health and well-being but also make a good impression on tenants and visitors. In addition, a good visitor management system makes contact tracing easier which in turn makes tenants feel safer.

2. Green spaces

Green spaces are one of the most impactful commercial building amenities that can provide simple solutions to expensive workplace wellness programs. Luxurious they're not, but their benefits for employees depending on climate green spaces are undeniable. Office buildings can incorporate greenery into their décor by incorporating living walls, rooftop gardens, or even transforming existing patios into outdoor workspaces or community gardens to decorate indoor spaces and offer a breath of fresh air for hardworking employees.

3. Touchless access

The COVID-19 pandemic has made office workers more conscious about high-touch surfaces and buttons creating risks of infection. A touchless office using the latest technology solutions is now expected to encourage tenants and make employees feel comfortable coming to work. Technology investments such as touchless health screening kiosks, online workspace reservation systems, wireless commercial video intercoms, smartphone apps, automatic doors, smart locks, and app-controlled light switches all contribute to a touchless office environment that reduces physical contact and increases safety for everyone.

4. Personalized workspace

In today's changing work culture, employees have requested features in their office building amenities that allow for a personalized workspace. Smart thermostat employees love is one such amenity that automatically detects room temperature and saves energy while keeping employees comfortable. Additionally, convenient app features like app-controlled light switches and noise-canceling headphones help empower employees to reduce workspace noise levels and enjoy customizing their individual workspaces. Providing these luxury amenities not only saves money on operating costs but also attracts top talent in the hybrid work trend where consistent times and natural lighting are highly preferred.

Creating a Sonic Experience: The Art of Sound Design

Creating a Sonic Experience: The Art of Sound Design is essential in any office building amenities. Simply put, sound design is the process of creating an acoustic environment that enhances a space's functionality and aesthetic appeal. The use of cutting-edge acoustical technology enabling sound mitigation is crucial in achieving this goal. Typically, absorber panels photo courtesy of ASI Architectural are used to treat problematic areas such as large foyers, high traffic hallways, and conference rooms.

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The biggest misconception about acoustic products is that one product versus another can solve all noise problems. This simply isn't true; it's a simple math problem where the cubic volume of space Weidman needs to be treated determines the amount of acoustic product needed. For example, if 1,000 square feet of open office space requires treatment, we need to target 6 feet up the wall and 4 feet out from the wall to treat entire open areas.

Small spaces such as reception desks also benefit from covered acoustics with products like True Systems Acoustic Wood Wall Product or ceiling products like Microperf Ceiling by Armstrong Ceilings. Problematic areas can be treated by putting glass walls or fully glass doors in place without sacrificing the feel of an open workspace - this was a consideration when designing our beautifully designed glass wall partition for confidential VP level conversations during the design phase Weidman underwent for their new office space.

Revitalizing Your Workspace with Innovative Office Amenities

In today's fast-paced world, employee work styles are evolving rapidly, and office building amenities need to keep up with these changes. The right amenities can have a lasting impact on office culture and work patterns, making your workspace more comfortable and productive. However, big investments are required to incorporate innovative office amenities that cater to the changing needs of your employees.

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From shared conference rooms and collaborative spaces to fitness studios and rooftop gardens, modern office buildings must offer a range of amenities that cater to diverse employee needs. Multi-tenant commercial spaces require access control systems to ensure the safety of all occupants. An office amenities consult can help you identify which options will best suit your organization.

Investing in innovative office amenities is an excellent way to show your employees that you value their well-being while also improving productivity. By offering comfortable and functional workspaces that cater to different working styles, you'll promote a positive company culture that encourages collaboration and creativity. So why wait? Start revitalizing your workspace today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best workplace amenities?

The best workplace amenities include comfortable seating, natural lighting, good air quality, and access to healthy snacks. Additional amenities such as flexible work hours and wellness programs can also improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

What are office amenities?

Office amenities refer to the extra perks provided by employers that enhance the workplace experience, such as free coffee, snacks, gym memberships, and comfortable seating areas. These amenities can help increase productivity, morale, and employee satisfaction.

Should you invest in functional amenities in your workplace?

Yes, investing in functional amenities can improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention rates. It can also contribute to creating a positive work environment that attracts top talent.

What are the most requested office amenities?

The most requested office amenities include high-speed internet, comfortable seating, and access to conference rooms.

What office building amenities can help CRE landlords win back the commute?

Office building amenities such as secure bike storage, showers, and on-site fitness centers can help CRE landlords win back the commute by promoting alternative transportation options and a healthy work-life balance for tenants.

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